2018 June

CBJ 678H

Shaun Holmes writes   “Latest addition to the Holmes collection, at last another with a MOT and one that can be driven on the road without earplugs.  A 1968 Oct but registered March 1970 original steel wheel non O/D car in Mineral blue. The car has been restored, engine in early 90’s and body 2000. Owned […]

BAN 368G

Tom Owen writes “A 1969 MGC Roadster, originally a US export, first registered in April 1969 and first UK registration January 2008.  The car was used on the Channel 5 ‘Classic Car’ Programme, where it was driven by the presenter Quentin Wilson”  

NAU 226F

  Shaun Holmes writes “NAU 226F is a very early C built in 1967 one of the first 50 odd off the line. Not much is known of its early history but was rebuilt by Neil Flower into a race C , I bought it for Connor my son to race as he did not […]

MGC Roadster Racer

Shaun Holmes writes “New engine just built, at present preparing engine bay for paint. Still all suspension to fit. Shell will remain as is as a tribute to the late Steve Plater who raced the car for many years in the states” www.holmesracing.co/MGC-RACE-ex-USA-Steve-Plater.html

DSU 600G

A fabulous C and an even more fabulous set of photographs from Tim Moore on the Isle of Skye …   Tim writes “Much loved much used as far as we know the most northerly MGC currently in UK.  Won long distance award UK at MGCC C Register MGC 50 Reunion at Chateau Impney June […]

YPE 995G

MGC GT YPE 995G From garage to track in 25 years Shaun writes “YPE stated life as 1969 Automatic MGCGT, when I purchased her in 1982 she looked good and was very solid, only one previous owner so I took the plunge and dad and I travelled to Bristol in his new Ford Cortina V6 […]