There are of course numerous modifications an owner can make to his MGC. Purely a personal view but my preference is always to make any modifications only where these do not affect the car in a visible way, for example different cams, uprated torsion bars, quicker steering rack and the like. Below is a list of some well known modifications.

Of course, it is possible to modify Cs to create replica GTS cars as has been done by many owners. The link below is one story of how a GTS replica was created for every day use.


Uprated torsion bars are available and help cure many of the often reported handling problems (tyre pressures also make a huge difference). Uprated bushes and elliptical rear springs are also possibilities.

Steering Rack

Quick ratio racks makes the steering feel more responsive and “involved”


Options include non standard camshaft, modified distributor or 123 distributor, flywheel lightening, competition clutch, gas flowed head, gas flowed inlet manifold, unleaded head, silicon hoses, weber carbs, K&N filters, modified exhaust manifolds, different needles.


Standard wheels were 5 by 15 but it is possible to buy and fit 5.5 inch with 185 tyres.









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