Production Changes

MGCProductionchangesv1(Information from “MGC Abingdon’s Grand Tourer” by Graham Robson ISBN 0 9519423)

The information in the attached spreadsheet (link below) should enable owners to work out their exact original specification and any applicable production modification changes by virtue of their chassis number. I hope this may be of use to those trying to put their cars in the exact original specification.

The spreadsheet sets this information out in a way to enable your chassis number to be read off against each change. Chassis numbers are listed across the spreadsheet and the model to which it applies (e.g. Roadster, GT, US market etc) are listed in the second column.

Where a production change occurs the colour of the bar changes from a light colour to a darker colour. The first column remains visible at all times to see the details of the particular production change.

The only two exceptions are

  • the paint colours which are represented as bars showing the colours that were available during the production of those chassis numbers.
  • the gearbox ratios and final axle ratios shown as bars representing the ratios used by chassis number.

By way of example, I have added a border to my particular chassis number which can be easily removed in Excel and your own chassis number added as a new column.

Production Changes Spreadsheet MGCProductionchangesv1


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