Identification – Chassis or Car Number

Built between July 1967 and August 1969, a total of 8,999 Cs were produced. This number comprises (for more detail see Provenance section)

4,542 Roadsters in total                            1,403 for the UK

4,457 GTs in total                                     2,034 for the UK

Chassis or Car Number

The Chassis or Car Number also known as VIN number consists of a code as follows:

For example       G-CN1/2892 G or G-CD1/2887

1st Letter indicates Make G meaning MG
2nd Letter indicates engine type C meaning model type C
3rd Letter indicates body type N


N meaning 2 seater tourer / roadster

D meaning GT

4th numeral indicates engine type 1 meaning series 1 (but no series 2 built of course)
5th and subsequent numbers indicates the build number
Last letter G meaning built at Abingdon

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