ULL 862F SWY 115F MOE 322F TVB 792F SHY 276G

ULL 862F

SWY 115F

“Bob Taylor writes ‘I have only owned the car for 18 months and was a rolling resto. Car was laid up for about 9 years in a heated garage by previous owner. She had a few knocks and scratches around body from garage but no rust to attend to. I had to fit new clutch, […]

MOE 322F

TVB 792F

Jerome from West Sussex writes “I spent the last 2 years restoring an MGB and I have been made an offer I could not refuse and lucky me I found this little gem to replace it. It has not a lot wrong with it and I am looking forward for a nice light restoration on […]

SHY 276G

SHY moved to Hamburg, Germany on 11/11/2011 and her registration had to change to the rather common HH-GC 369H, with ‚369‘ being her month of birth. She is sisters with HH-YB 369H, a Austin MINI Cooper ‚S‘, which was born within days of her in Abingdon and we often wonder, whether they would have seen each […]

TRP 241F

Trevor writes “I had been looking for an MGC for a little while and then was lucky enough to find this one last year that had been used very little – having covered just 71,000 miles from new. I had wanted one since I was young and they were first released when I was at […]


I always love this colour combination.   A few photos of Vitor Lopes C, based in  Portugal 

XMK 331G

Roger Taylor’s C Supplied by University Motors in 1969, with a Downton Stage 2 conversion, Koni’s all round, 15 inch Moto Lita steering wheel and Additional Seat runners.

NSS 707G

UBY 699F

Love this shot of David Cleverdon’s C, as he says an ‘update on the Nicholson MGC GT. The C is constantly evolving as per it’s originators philosophy, of “one can always improve, adapt or modify”.’