2013 March

Ex Works MGC Roadster Prototype FRX 692C

Ex Works MGC Roadster Prototype FRX 692C The first project code allocated in 1961 for the new ‘Six-Cylinder MGC Sports Car’ was ADO52.   but it was not until 1965 that the First Prototype MGC Roadster was manufactured. Initially starting life as a pre 1965 MGB pull door handle body shell, assembled by Pressed  Steel […]

OBC 315F

Name: Ron Alderson Reg: OBC 315F Details: MGC Mk1 Roadster ( Tartan Red ) Known as Patience Registered: 29 May 1968 Fitted with early Downton triple SU carburettor conversion with the slightly up angled inlet manifolds Fast road cam removed and replaced with a piper cam giving a smoother torque delivery throughout the rev range […]