FBF 444 SWN 329G ROH 372G H4500 BBD O-ADG-522

FBF 444

Richard Sawney writes ” … our MGC GT has been in the family from new. My Godfather brought it new in 1969 and my father bought it from him in 1998. I took it from my father when they moved to France in 2002. Last year I had a respray and the suspension sorted including […]

SWN 329G

Gavin writes “I have recently become the owner of the above car which was one of the original UK 1403 cars, which I intend to restore. The car is remarkably better than it looks apart from the standard/obligatory sill replacement needed etc. Not bad after spending almost 40 years undercover in a Welsh barn! Initially, […]

ROH 372G

Jeffrey Mead writes ” … some pictures of my 1969 MGC, North American version The car is a single-family owned vehicle since new. I am the second owner.  As you can see, the car has its original UK registration plates which the original owner had fitted in Birmingham where he had it registered after taking […]

H4500 BBD

Peter Worrall writes from Spain Following attendance at this year’s MGC Weekend at Studley Castle (MG Car Club) – see photo on the driveway – and having learned a lot from knowledgeable fellow owners, I thought it appropriate to share some information. I have been a C owner since 1979 and have owned my current car (a […]


Frank Van de Wyer, based in Belgium writes ” my 1969 MG C roadster … is an original LHD with a steel dashboard, delivered new in Belgium, and I am the 4th owner. The first owner had it for more than 40 years and I have owned it now  for about 2 years. The seats […]

XBY 272F

  Shaun Holmes writes “Bought as a shell in 2010 , commenced rebuild and still not completed  2018. This is my wife’s car or will be . Original belonged to one of two brothers who used to track a GT and this roadster, the car from the factory was BRG but the car was repainted […]


Shaun Holmes writes “Ex Jamie Perrin race car , which Steve Curtis purchased and I purchased off a person who stalled on its rebuild. The car will lose its big wings and have stretched wings to accommodate wider tires. It will be a fast road car with all safety features such as roll cage, fire system […]

CBJ 678H

Shaun Holmes writes   “Latest addition to the Holmes collection, at last another with a MOT and one that can be driven on the road without earplugs.  A 1968 Oct but registered March 1970 original steel wheel non O/D car in Mineral blue. The car has been restored, engine in early 90’s and body 2000. Owned […]

BAN 368G

Tom Owen writes “A 1969 MGC Roadster, originally a US export, first registered in April 1969 and first UK registration January 2008.  The car was used on the Channel 5 ‘Classic Car’ Programme, where it was driven by the presenter Quentin Wilson”  

NAU 226F

  Shaun Holmes writes “NAU 226F is a very early C built in 1967 one of the first 50 odd off the line. Not much is known of its early history but was rebuilt by Neil Flower into a race C , I bought it for Connor my son to race as he did not […]