XRX 150H

Block bored to +60 (3015cc / 184ci) with valve cut-outs in top of block
Aluminum cylinder head modified / gas flowed by Peter Burgess
High lift rockers
Cam re-profiled to MGM4B with Vernier cam gear
Crankshaft balanced with front damper
Lightened flywheel
High performance clutch plate and cover
Power approximately 200+ bhp at the wheels (standard approx. 100 bhp)
Carburation: Triple 45DCOE Weber carburetors
Cast alloy intake manifold

Electrics & Ignition
Single 12v battery
Geared starter motor
Lumenition constant energy ignition system
Distributor modified for 18 degrees mechanical advance
Lucas Sport Coil
Facet red top fuel pump with pressure regulator (3psi)
7″ Lucas Halogen 100/80W H4 bulbs
Two original Lucas 5″ spotlights modified to use H2 bulbs
Built in 1.5 amp battery charger in boot

MGC close ratio gearbox with uprated LH competition overdrive unit
Differential ratio 3.3:1 cwp
Quaife Torque sensing (LSD) diff unit

Suspension & Steering
Uprated torsion bars
Spax adjustable front dampers
Lever rear shocks with competition valves
Polyurethane bushings / pads
Standard sway bar
Standard springs front and rear
1″ lowering kit in rear
High ratio steering rack (2.9 turns lock to lock)
Negative camber front suspension

Standard discs, rotors and drums
EBC Green Stuff pads
Braided stainless steel brake lines
Girling Mk2b servo
Competition wheel cylinders

Downton style exhaust headers
Twin 1.75″ pipe with two 24″ glass packs

Standard MGC radiator
10-row oil cooler mounted behind valence
180-degree Oil cooler thermostat

Fiberglass Works MGC GTS wings
Hand rolled aluminum front valance
Fiberglass Sebring rear valance
Body finished in BMC Tartan Red / Snowberry White in two pack paint
Laminated front windscreen with new safety drop glasses
Stainless Steel quarter lights
Custom chrome plated brass wire mesh grill with chrome trim
Fuel filler on rear quarter panel
Aluminum hood

Original style black with red piping leather seats on powder coated black frames
Side trim in black with red piping
Wilton black wool carpeting and Hardura vinyl throughout interior
Sebring style black wrinkle coated dashboard with re-calibrated speedo and tach
Special “Works” 15″ Moto-lita steering wheel
FIA black wrinkle coated roll bar
Extra battery area ABS plastic storage box
Halogen fire extinguisher mounted at front bulkhead

Wheels and Tires
8″ x 15″ Compomotive Knock off Minilite replicas
Dunlop Forluma R d84 205/60R15 tires
5.5″ x 15″ Minator knock off spare in boot

Engine: Mobil 1 15W-50 Synthetic
Gearbox: Castrol GTX 20W-50
Rear Axle: Hypoid EP85/90 gear oil

Tuning Specs
Timing: 14-degrees BTDC at slow tickover, 34-36 at 4500RPM
Rocker Clearance: 0.016″ cold
Tire Pressure: 32 PSI Front / 26 PSI Rear
Spark Plugs: Bosch Platinum WR7DP, Gap .034″

Other Accessories
Heated rear screen
Sebring headlamp cowls
Monza 3″ fuel filler
Leather bonnet strap
Front-mounted hood release
Inertia reel 3-point safety belts

Source Credit http://www.mgnuts.com/mgcgts/specs/


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