SHY 276G


SHY moved to Hamburg, Germany on 11/11/2011 and her registration had to change to the rather common HH-GC 369H, with ‚369‘ being her month of birth. She is sisters with HH-YB 369H, a Austin MINI Cooper ‚S‘, which was born within days of her in Abingdon and we often wonder, whether they would have seen each other at the factory grounds. Shy always takes us over to Blighty at least twice a year, which for us is a 12 hour trip.  

She was build between 20-28 February 1969 and despatched to Windmill and Lewis Limited, Bristol on 3 March 1969. She was fitted with overdrive and a heated rear window. As her Britax sunroof is not mentioned on her BMIHT-certificate, we believe that it has been retrofitted. Black was her original colour.

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