2014 May

Historical Advertising

40th Anniversary

30th Anniversary

MGC Technical Service Bulletin – 1 Feb 1969

Original paper document (13 pages) dated 1 February 1969 in lieu of Workshop manual giving basic technical information on the C. MGC Technical Service Bulletin – MGCTechData  

Weber Carbs for a C

SU Carbs – How to tune a C’s SU carbs

Below is an extract from the MG Car Club site on a small booklet on how to tune and set up SU Carbs Please do buy one of these thru Ginny at MGCC here ****************** This year your committee has joined together with Stuart Casey to produce a small booklet with regards to Tuning and the […]

YWW 551G

YPF 831G

YLN 893G

YGT 530G