Brake Master Cylinder and Servo


Three types of master cylinder were fitted to the C, depending on their market destination. 

· For all cars except for those going to the US, Benelux and France, a single circuit type was used. 

· For the US, all cars had a dual circuit cylinder with, at first, a separate plastic reservoir and then later on an integral reservoir.

· For Canada, it is believed that originally a single circuit was used but that from Chassis No. Roadster 3314 and GT 1494, a dual circuit system was used. 

· For Benelux and France, all cars had a single circuit master cylinder with a separate plastic reservoir.

Seal kits are still available and easy to fit.  Watch out for marks within the piston cylinder as this may cause the piston to stick resulting in the brakes also sticking on.


Master Cylinder


The  original standard servo was the Girling at a ration of 3.0 to 1.  Replacement after market versions include the Lockheed version with a ratio of 2.3 to 1 (so as to fit under the bonnet on the passenger side).    If you hear a wheezing noise, try tightening the screws.

Lockheed servo instructions