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There are of course numerous modifications an owner can make to his MGC. Purely a personal view but my preference is always to make any modifications only where these do not affect the car in a visible way, for example different cams, uprated torsion bars, quicker steering rack and the like. Below is a list […]

Production Changes

MGCProductionchangesv1(Information from “MGC Abingdon’s Grand Tourer” by Graham Robson ISBN 0 9519423) The information in the attached spreadsheet (link below) should enable owners to work out their exact original specification and any applicable production modification changes by virtue of their chassis number. I hope this may be of use to those trying to put their […]

Identification – Commission No.

Commission No. The Commission number consists of a code as follows: Commission numbers also had a letter at the end indicating where the body had been commissioned. Commission numbers were issued and the plates attached in the body finishing plant rather than at Abingdon. F                         meant the body was commissioned at Coventry bodies branch […]

Identification – Engine Number

Engine Number  The engine prefix number for the C was 29G For example Engine No.  29G-RU-H/2777 or 29GA-A-H/2765 1st & 2nd numbers indicates cc 29 meaning 2912cc 3rd letter indicates Make G meaning MG  (29GA    meaning US market) Subsequent letters A meaning Automatic       U or RU meaning that the engine was a […]

Identification – Chassis or Car Number

Built between July 1967 and August 1969, a total of 8,999 Cs were produced. This number comprises (for more detail see Provenance section) 4,542 Roadsters in total                            1,403 for the UK 4,457 GTs in total                                     2,034 for the UK Chassis or Car Number The Chassis or Car Number also known as […]

Provenance & Spec

Although launched to the public on 18 October 1967, the first day of the Earl’s Court Motor Show, production quantities of the MGC did not start until July / August 1968. Despite road tests in magazines in November 1967, only 230 MGCs were finished before the end of 1967. The MGC was firmly based on […]

1969 New York Auto Show



Heater Box