2014 May

TVR Griffith

DSU 600G

A fabulous C and an even more fabulous set of photographs from Tim Moore on the Isle of Skye …    

NSS 707G – My C

XUW 609G



SYC 125F

YPE 995G

MGC GT YPE 995G From garage to track in 25 years Shaun writes “YPE stated life as 1969 Automatic MGCGT, when I purchased her in 1982 she looked good and was very solid, only one previous owner so I took the plunge and dad and I travelled to Bristol in his new Ford Cortina V6 […]

RMO 699F – Romeo – One of the MGC GTS Racers

Building a replica GTS

Building a replica GTS Material, photos and text courtesy of Chip Pedersen “… a car that I could drive daily …” Chip writes “I finally got around to putting down some notes on the original GTS cars, and mine as well.  Below is a short summary of the cars.  Nothing here that can’t be found […]